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After a complete analysis of your spinneret we will be able to offer you solutions to spare time and increase the productivity of your vineyard.

The choice of the right machine will make you save time and money thanks to the new technologies available for this sector.

DVF Solutions

Phases in which DVF can intervene with a targeted advice and innovative technologies in order to increase the productivity.


DVF can provide conventional machines equipped with a sound level meter capable of picking up the leaf wall and locating the spraying of the product according to the needs, with massive saving in the drift.

Visita la sezione apposita dedicata all'irrigazione.


A series of machines created to recover the drift of the product that has not gone on the target on the wall which, thanks to the turbolences created inside the protective screens allow a processing with almost total precision.

With a system that removes almost all the drift of the product, allowing an average annual savings of 40-45% of the used product (from 850-900 €/ha to about 500 €/ha), these innovative machines allow access to non-refundable contributions for their purchase.


With “Braun” products is possible to totally remove the weed control weights in the row, resulting in higher quality in the products, lower annual costs and better plants health.

With the help of “Braun” and “Provitis” products, DVF offers its customers the optimal solution to manage mechanically and without the aid of chemical products this processing phase, through wireless machines, but with rubber bristles and / or semi-rigid fabric, which operates very effectively and precisely without damaging at all the plant and its lymphatic vessels.


DVF offer a wide selection of the best shears of Berti and Alpego.


DVF proposes Provitis and Tordable toppers, binders, defoliators and prepotators to allow punctual and targeted intervention in the correct moments of the year.

Interventions aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of production by minimizing the manual work of man and consequently improving the effectiveness of each intervention.

Available machines in our agencies

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Nome della macchina

Nome della macchina

Nome della macchina

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